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​Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film & Television, Judith 

The Visual Story: Seeing the Structure of Film, TV and New Media

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The Director Apollo Figueras born Dec 20,1967 Bronx N.Y.

Acting 1986-2012 (SAG fromThe  Unusuals)

New York Film Academy Graduate 2015-2016

Hustle & Flow

Video Production



Apollo Figueras was born on a cold winter day in December on the 20th, day of 1967, in The Bronx, New York. While being raised and living in the Bronx Apollo learned to navigate and orchestrate the streets.  As a teen he attended Walton High school and graduated the class of 1986. Apollo transformed into a powerful flexible break dancer with his cousin Kid Pex from The New York City Breakers. After auditioning for several movies Apollo appeared as a movie extra as a breaker in the iconic, historical, inspirational movie Beat Street.  Apollo was a featured hip hop dancer in music videos for Artists: Drag-on, Busta Rhymes and Shaggy. 

He attended the APEX Technical School for auto body and while
in school was drafted into the United States Navy. In the Navy he became an Expert Radioman, Teletype Technician, and a Zerox Copier Technician. In 1990 at the beginning of his Desert Storm tour he was Honorably discharged.  After coming home Apollo knew that his calling would be in Motion Pictures, as a Director, Writer, Producer, and Movie Star. Early on Apollo was extremely inspired and fascinated by the Multi Media industries.  His love of television allowed opportunities for Apollo to be featured in business commercials, Law & Order and The Unusual T.V. Show. 

In 2016, he opened his own production Company Hustle and Flow Video specializing in Development, Productions, and Editing.

He graduated with an exceptional and
outstanding GPA of 4.02, in the fields of Film Directing.  Apollo learned and mastered how to Direct, Produce, Edit, Film, AC, DP, Gaff, and Direct as an Electrical Grip. Apollo has been a Video Editor Master for 11 years and innovates as a Multi Media Master.   Apollo has attended News Star the school for acting from 2005-2006. As a gifted, dedicated, and enthusiastic student, Director, and Producer Apollo successfully pursued and   elevated his education.  Apollo has Shot, Produced, and Edited, 6 music videos with several successful music artists. 

Apollo studied at Porter & Chester A+ Technical School.  It was there his skills as a Computer Technician were formed, developed, and executed.   He worked for the Film System located in Norwalk CT where he worked on several national commercials as a D.O.P, Assistant, Production Designer and the Key Electrician. Apollo landed  a job at ESPN as a
Satellite Operation Engineer until 1994.   

From 1995- 2005 Apollo was presented with an opportunity to work for Real Cash Record Company as their A&R.  After extreme success and development,  Perseverance, inspiration, and accomplishing the transformations to evolve his brand, endeavors, and self, he executed his next move Apollo formulated and opened his own record label company, Slaughter House Records..    Apollo is revered, respected, and admired.   Apollo is successfully retired from the Navy and continues to innovate, elevate, inspire, teach, and grow.